Digitally enhanced photo of multimedia diaroma
This Home Isn't Ours Anymore

Digital photo of multimedia diorama 


After stumbling into an actual murder scene the artist was left with a mental distress that needed to find its way out. The artist recreates imagery from said scene in an actual three dimentional diaroma; making the scene vivid enough to confuse viewers in what they are actually seeing. Using actual hair and eggshells to recreate skull fragments, the artist uses unconventional materials to share his distress. 

Sin Masks

mixed media


After being inspired by homemade masks of the early 20th century, the artist found the crude and childlike quality of even innocent masks to be unsettling. This is a direct contrast to the overly graphic and gory nature of contemporary horror.


Using everyday "found at home" items, the artist strived to make simple, yet usettling masks based on hallmarks of the seven deadly sins, as well as incorporating ques from literature for the punishments of those sins; as well as illustrations of the associated demons.



Acrylic spraypaint/ paper


At about 70 feet long this  site specific piece hung from the 3rd floor to the basement level in the Staller Center stairwell at Stonybrook University, Stony Brook New York.


In todays society, people seem to be more self involved and would rather update twitter, log on facebook or upload meals to instagram. Todays youth seems to distain sociological issues that effect them. This piece seeks to question viewers with the fortitude and attention span to figure out its message by demanding the viewers attention; a series of letters tantilize viewers and begs them to discover this single piece of papers secret, and even then they are left to ask more questions.

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