Hey There!


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Eric Murphy and I am an artist and art installer.

Across multiple series of varied work a theme that remains consistent in my work is that of finding the chaotic within the mundane. I find monsters in half lucid dreams while falling asleep- they’re always there peering beyond the veil of consciousness, I transcribe the chaotic movement my body experiences in a three dimensional world into a two dimensional drawings from a typical commute to work. In my most recent body of work I explore the surface of my paper with a pencil and without an expectation of which forms or shapes will unfurl from my hand. Tangles and tumors, smooth and sweeping sinew spill onto the paper. Each drawing depicts a self-contained, impossible to exist, and yet recognizable as biologic, “tumor” extracted from my mind.

Current Exhibitions

2020 Shit Show

Amulet Arts

26 East Main Street

Patchogue, NY